Month: November 2016

Pokémon Sun Progress Blog: Third Island Complete

Pokémon Sun Progress Blog: Third Island Complete

After a rather paltry liveblogging attempt, I’ve decided to just condense my thoughts on my progress in the game into a full, single blog entry. Having finished the third island (and other stuff), I definitely have a lot to talk about!

Something to note is that, up until this point, I have largely avoided looking up a lot of the more detailed mechanics and Pokémon info in the game, in order to experience as much of it “naturally”, with only what I already know and what the game tells me. However, at this point I feel like I have gone through enough of the game that I have taken some time to look up that info and familiarize myself more with the game’s inner workings and my Pokémon’s more detailed stats. However, I still have not looked up any Pokémon I haven’t seen yet or any info on the fourth island, and of course I am still avoiding story spoilers like the plague.

With that, here’s a look at where I am at the game right now. WARNING: Spoilers after the jump. Early on they will be only minor spoilers, but there are some MASSIVE story spoilers I will talk about towards the end. I will put another warning before I start talking about those, so keep an eye out.

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The Pokémon Sun Liveblog!

The Pokémon Sun Liveblog!

Pokémon Sun and Moon are within hours of being released! I have the digital version pre-purchased and as soon as it’s fully downloaded, I will start playing it and posting various thoughts on it here! (This is also to keep my Twitter feed spoiler-free.)

Since I don’t have any fancy liveblogging tools, I’ll just continually edit and update this post with new entries, so please refresh this post for updates. All timestamps are Japan time (JST).

Warning: After the jump, expect all sorts of spoilers!

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