The Pokémon Sun Liveblog!

The Pokémon Sun Liveblog!

Pokémon Sun and Moon are within hours of being released! I have the digital version pre-purchased and as soon as it’s fully downloaded, I will start playing it and posting various thoughts on it here! (This is also to keep my Twitter feed spoiler-free.)

Since I don’t have any fancy liveblogging tools, I’ll just continually edit and update this post with new entries, so please refresh this post for updates. All timestamps are Japan time (JST).

Warning: After the jump, expect all sorts of spoilers!

Nov. 18th

00:20: Liveblog post is set up! Game isn’t out yet, so please wait for that later on today.

17:25: Time to start the game!

17:51: #TeamRowlet all the way. (And yes, I’m playing as the girl. I do that with every new Pokémon game series.)


17:58: Hold on a second, gonna listen to this sweet rival battle music for a while before I type-advantage out my rival.

18:35: So Pokémon Refresh lets you heal status conditions after battle? Very convenient.

19:34: Wow, first city and I can already catch a Magnemite. This game is surprisingly generous with early-game Pokémon.

22:21: Move Deleter in the first city? That’s definitely helpful. Also, maybe I wasted a bit too much time in the Festival Plaza… but I have a green-dyed tank top, so it’s all good.

23:06: So in the first city, you can catch Alolan Meowth. Who can have Technician Bite, effectively a 90 Base Power (BP) move with STAB. Maybe just a bit broken?

Nov. 19th

02:00: First trial clear. Also, Zubat were annoying enough, but now they can summon more Zubat? Yikes.

03:00: Beat the first Kahuna. Fighting w/Dark coverage is actually pretty difficult to deal with. Also the Kahuna battle music is pretty darn epic.

The team as of now:


Probably a good time to call it a night. Will be back tomorrow for more liveblogging.

11:15: Liveblogging resumes!

11:58: Found the designer clothes store. Who knew hats could be so expensive?


20:26: I cannot figure out how Stoutland searching works. I’d much rather have a proper Dowsing Machine.

20:31: Hah, my Dartrix’s Hidden Power type is Flying. Looks like he’ll have a good Flying STAB other than Peck.

Nov. 20th

03:14: Wait, Scald TM at the second trial? What kind of insanity is this?

23:15: Apologies for the lack of liveblogging today. Anyway, caught a Cubone and also managed to steal a Thick Club off another wild one. Ready for Alolan Marowak.

23:38: So Ride Pokemon basically replace HMs (as well as stuff like the Bicycle/Dowsing Machine). Not a bad idea, as no one liked wasting a moveslot on Cut.

23:42: Oh hey there, Colress. Nice to see you again. Maybe I can battle you and your epic battle music again sometime?

Nov. 22nd

15:09: More apologies for lack of updates. So far I’ve finished the three trials on the second island (Totem Lurantis actually did a number on my team) and am in Chinatown ready to face the kahuna.

17:40: Beat the second Kahuna and checked out the Aether Paradise. Lusamine definitely has some kind of caretaker complex with her. Definitely someone to watch out for.

Nov. 23rd

01:30: Caught an Araquanid for my team. Nice to have a proper Water/Bug type (i.e. not Surskit).

01:54: Hah, so Fly is now just a regular ol’ battle TM.

Well, that’s it for the liveblog, which wasn’t really much of a liveblog at all, admittedly. After this I will be posting a few general progress blogs now and then to note where I am at the game and some various thoughts.


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