Month: January 2017

Winter 2017 Anime: Shows I’m Looking Forward To

Winter 2017 Anime: Shows I’m Looking Forward To

The Fall 2016 anime season is almost over, and I am horribly behind on it, in part because Pokemon Sun has pretty much monopolized my time for a good part of the season. As such, a closeout of that season (and of the year of 2016 as a whole) will not happen for a while. However, anime time keeps on moving, and with the Winter 2017 anime season starting soon, I will go ahead and note all the shows I plan to watch, excluding a handful of sequels that I might pick up if I get around to finishing their preceding seasons before the season is over.

Note that, unlike for my Fall 2016 anime preview, I will not be ranking these shows. This is because, for better or for worse, there is no one show coming up this season that I am particularly looking forward to. Maybe one of these shows will turn out to be especially amazing, but for the most part, I am just expecting these shows to be decently entertaining. As usual, expect this list to be largely lacking in the sort of big-name or high-profile shows others will be raving about, as my tastes are in general quite different and I tend to be cautious about other shows; I may be willing to revisit shows that I hear good things about later on, though.

In lieu of a ranked order, shows will be listed in order of their Japanese TV debut.

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