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Pokémon Sun Progress Blog: Game Complete!

Pokémon Sun Progress Blog: Game Complete!

Editor’s Note: I actually finished the game almost two weeks ago, but for various reasons never got around to finishing this blog post until now. I will leave the content of this post as based on my game progress on Dec. 9th, when I intended to have the post go up, but I have since made more progress on the game.

I did it. I beat the game.

I still have all the post-game stuff to go through, and after that I will post my thoughts on this game in something that is kind of like a review. For now, though, here is what I have been up to.

Warning: spoilers after the jump, particularly in the Story Thoughts section.

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Pokémon Sun Progress Blog: Third Island Complete

Pokémon Sun Progress Blog: Third Island Complete

After a rather paltry liveblogging attempt, I’ve decided to just condense my thoughts on my progress in the game into a full, single blog entry. Having finished the third island (and other stuff), I definitely have a lot to talk about!

Something to note is that, up until this point, I have largely avoided looking up a lot of the more detailed mechanics and Pokémon info in the game, in order to experience as much of it “naturally”, with only what I already know and what the game tells me. However, at this point I feel like I have gone through enough of the game that I have taken some time to look up that info and familiarize myself more with the game’s inner workings and my Pokémon’s more detailed stats. However, I still have not looked up any Pokémon I haven’t seen yet or any info on the fourth island, and of course I am still avoiding story spoilers like the plague.

With that, here’s a look at where I am at the game right now. WARNING: Spoilers after the jump. Early on they will be only minor spoilers, but there are some MASSIVE story spoilers I will talk about towards the end. I will put another warning before I start talking about those, so keep an eye out.

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The Pokémon Sun Liveblog!

The Pokémon Sun Liveblog!

Pokémon Sun and Moon are within hours of being released! I have the digital version pre-purchased and as soon as it’s fully downloaded, I will start playing it and posting various thoughts on it here! (This is also to keep my Twitter feed spoiler-free.)

Since I don’t have any fancy liveblogging tools, I’ll just continually edit and update this post with new entries, so please refresh this post for updates. All timestamps are Japan time (JST).

Warning: After the jump, expect all sorts of spoilers!

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Why I’m Not Playing Pokémon Go

Why I’m Not Playing Pokémon Go


So why not kick this new blog off with a post that is almost guaranteed to rile some feathers? Though before you raise your pitchforks at me, do read the rest of the post, as this post is not a criticism of Pokémon Go, just an explanation of why it does not interest me in particular.

I am a huge Pokémon fan, to say the least. I started playing all the way back when Pokémon Blue first came out in the US, and have played a game from every generation since. As I have gotten attached to the variety of Pokémon and the increasingly deep strategic element of the game, it has become one of my favorite video game series of all time. So with Pokémon Go’s release this summer being the latest big fad and allowing me to find and catch Pokémon in the real world, you would think I would be all over this mobile game, carrying my phone everywhere to find all of my favorite Pokémon and training them up to conquer every gym in the area, right?

Well, not really. As the title of this post says, I just can’t bring myself to play much of this game. I should probably clarify that it’s not like I never play it; every once in a while I’ll open up the game and flip some PokéStops and catch a few Pokémon and maybe even hatch an egg. But I cannot bring myself to get invested in the game. I probably will not try to catch or evolve every Pokémon, nor do I plan to train any Pokémon for gym battling seriously.

Admittedly, I had a bit of a hard time getting started. The game came out during a busy time in my life, which led me to going to Japan, where the game’s release was delayed until late July, and even then I was in an area with very few PokéStops or Pokémon spawn points. In addition, I have issues with how the phone must always be on to find Pokémon or hatch eggs, though that will probably be fixed by, of all things, the Apple Watch app. Certainly, the game is flawed in many ways, and I hope Niantic implements fixes to keep supporting the game.

In the end, though, the reason I am not playing Pokémon Go has nothing to do with any of the game’s problems. It has to do with the very core of the game’s design, something that cannot be changed without making an entirely different game. In the end, Pokémon Go just is not what I am looking for in a Pokémon game.

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