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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions

Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions

It’s time for my first impressions of the Fall 2016 anime season! While I’ll give quick impressions on all of the shows I’ve watched an episode or two of, there are a handful of shows I will go into deeper impressions for, either because they have something in particular I want to talk about or because they are shows I did not mention in my “most anticipated Fall 2016 anime” post.

First off, here are my quick impressions:

Sequels (including: Show by Rock!!#Sound! Euphonium S2, Haikyuu! S3): Sequels have to be judged differently from first episodes of new shows, since they are, in many ways, not “first” episodes. Their job is to continue what their previous iterations have set in motion. Drastic changes are only necessary if the past season suffered from significant issues, something neither of these shows had. As such, that I can say for these shows that they feel like they never left is all the praise they need. This is especially true for Euphonium, which was my favorite show of 2015, and started the season off with a double-length premiere that not only got us reacquainted with the band but also introduced the next big dramatic story arc. Compared to that, Show by Rock only needed to continue with its brand of craziness with just a bit of thoughtfulness, and that it did just fine, re-establishing itself as a fun weekly diversion. As for Haikyuu, we haven’t quite gotten major volleyball action yet, but we do get to meet up with some familiar faces and get a look at how far the team has come, and what they might expect going into this final match.

WWW.Working: Overall a bit toned down compared to the previous Working!! anime, which makes sense considering the original web manga actually predates the manga the previous anime was based on. Still, a fun cast of characters and solid comedy makes this show plenty enjoyable.

Kiss Him, Not Me: My only problem with the opening episode is not really being a fan of the “fat voice” of pre-transformation Kae; it’s a bit too stereotypical and forced. Once her transformation happens, though, the show is every bit as stupidly funny as the manga was.

ClassicaLoid: Absolutely ridiculous and fun. Not much else to say about this; I’m always up for a show that just does whatever the heck it wants and this definitely looks to be that kind of show.

Long Riders: This show actually felt more like a slice-of-life show than either the more sportsy Yowamushi Pedal or the more comedic Bakuon!. I’ve heard it compared to Yama no Susume, which isn’t too far off of a comparison. All in all, while not a standout show by any means, I’m always up for a nice slice-of-life show with a bit of a sports element, so I’m on board for more.

Poco’s Udon World: I’ve heard this compared to Barakamon and Sweetness & Lightning, as well as generally following the trend of shows about single guys taking care of children started by Bunny Drop. More importantly, all those shows are among my favorite shows, and Udon no Kuni looks like it will slot right in with them, with its gentle atmosphere, cute tanuki kid, and a small serving of feels. All it needs now is a bit more udon.

Magic of Stella: SO FREAKING ADORABLE. There’s also a decent little storyline about wanting to make a game and some of the trials that come with that, plus some fun character interactions, which combined with the ridiculous cute levels should easily make this show my “fuwa-fuwa” show of the season.


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The 12 Fall 2016 Anime I’m Most Looking Forward To

The 12 Fall 2016 Anime I’m Most Looking Forward To

With the excellent Summer 2016 anime season wrapped up on my end (more on that later) and the Fall 2016 season starting soon, here’s a look at the anime I am most looking forward to. For those that don’t know me, keep in mind that my tastes are a fair bit different from the norm and skew towards certain types of shows, which is why you’ll see certain shows here and not others. There are a bunch of other shows I will be trying, (and I’ll get to Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 5 once I finish seasons 3 and 4, so don’t expect that here). These are just the shows that I will most likely be following without needing to test the waters out first.


12. Long Riders – While I still need to finish Yowamushi Pedal(I’m halfway through the second season), that show has definitely gotten me more interested in bicycling. So naturally, a show that combines that with my perennial favorite show type, the cute-girls-doing-cute-things show, is guaranteed to catch my attention. Granted, we already had cute girls messing around on two wheels with Bakuon earlier this year, but that show ended up being more of a gag comedy, and I’m hoping this show leans more towards either sports cycling or slice-of-life.


11. SHOW BY ROCK!!# – The first season of this show was quite a wild ride: a musical-themed romp with fun characters and a story that had some light character-drama balanced by a whole lot of crazy power-of-rock battles against musical demons. It’s a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to see more of Plasmagica, Shingancrimsonz, and the various other musical groups from the original mobile game.

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